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Name: Anima Sola
Date: 1998
Donor: Kelley
Dimensions: 3 ¾"W x 2 ⅞"D x 2 ¾"H
Status: Active
On View: No
Staff Pick: Yes
Woman in flames backed by multiple crucifixions. Up From Guatemala, NYC. First religious snowglobe. A museum audience favorite! Previously known as "Fire Woman". Thanks to a knowledgable visitor the mystery has been solved. Read more.

This is one of the earliest snowglobes in the collection, but it wasn’t until a MoMS visitor filled us in that we knew who this unfortunate woman is. Most visitors guess Joan of Arc, but she’s Anima Sola, the forsaken soul suffering in purgatory, a popular votive image in Latin American Roman Catholicism.

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